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Value of Membership

AGRE activities include:

  • Periodic webinars on current regulatory importance that fits in with current regulatory thinking.

  • An Annual Summit to discuss current regulatory issues, teaching and regulatory program design techniques (e.g. on-campus versus online), and student perspectives

  • Opportunities for regulatory educators to network with industry and agency scientists from around the world

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Advance Your Career

AGRE helps educators of regulatory affairs and science, as well as students, to advance their careers. AGRE brings together leaders of programs offering graduate training in regulatory affairs and regulatory science. 

AGRE goals include 

  • sharing best practices in regulatory education and promote the continued development of regulatory education as an academic discipline, 

  • provide a forum for discussion of issues of mutual importance for educating stakeholders involved with commercializing products or services in the biomedical product and healthcare industries

  • support the development of an organizational critical mass that is well-positioned to impact public policies that affect regulatory education in the U.S. and internationally.

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Champion for Regulatory Science and Policy

Through networking with other educators, as well as students, industry and academic scientists, and regulators, AGRE provides a forum to promote exchange of ideas in regulatory science and policy.

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Guide Students

Students at institutional AGRE members are especially encouraged to participate.  Webinars and the annual Summit are designed to broaden student understanding and knowledge in regulatory affairs and science. The educators guide the students through capstone projects or research in regulatory science and prepare the next generation of regulatory professionals.


AGRE aims to unite leaders of programs offering graduate training in regulatory affairs and regulatory science, students, industry and academic scientists and regulators, to share best practices in regulatory education. AGRE supports the development and marketing of the medical products that will benefit society at large.

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